Sercona Audio

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A new audiophile-grade preamplifier, with a few new tricks under its hood. It combines an analog-domain volume control "engine" with 2 switch (input selector) techologies: analog and digital (spdif).

The Audio Controller 3 can add remote control for input selection at the digital stage, for those systems that prefer to stay all digital as long as possible in the audio chain. The system is designed to work as a volume control for both active-crossover based systems (as a multi-ganged volume control) in addition to being a conventional volume control for single amp/single speaker systems and mains/subs configurations.

Of course there is the usual analog input selection, but combine with digital spdif optical and coaxial i/o and you now have what we call Virtual Ports. Name them and describe their input paths (which switches they cross) and you can then simply select them by name and the system will know which switches to engage and in the proper order.

(Tentative) Feature List

Many more features. Stay tuned for when the real website goes live ;)

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